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What are the two basic types of floating seals?

Fuyote’s floating seals are generally categorized into two main types: duo cone seals, also known as DO type seals and heavy duty seals, also called square bore face seals or metal face seals.

Fuyote’s duo cone seals typically consist of two circular rubber rings and two metal rings. Generally, the o rings are compressed by the seat cavity, transmitting force to the metal rings, thereby achieving a seal.



Fuyote’s heavy duty seals typically comprises two rectangular cross-section rubber rings and two metal rings resembling "right-angle" slopes. When the rectangular rubber rings are positioned between the seat cavity and the ring body, the force transmission causes the rubber rings to exert torque on the metal rings, ensuring their stable operation.



Fuyote established in 1992, has been 30 years in china. Focus on floating seals design and manufacture. In the past two decades, large size floating seals are the main products in fuyote’s production line. Diameter from 300mm to 1105mm are the best-selling products in fuyote. In order to guarantee high quality of the products, Fuyote manufactures all components of mechanical face seals in house, from casting metal rings with high chromium molybdenum to manufacturing elastomer components manufacturing.