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Product Quality Test

Fuyote provides data from a range of quality tests to assist customers in verifying quality standards and assessing the viability of our seals in their applications. The main tests include the static sealing test, dynamic sealing test, and gear oil/o-ring compatibility test.

Static Sealing Test

Aim: Test the sealing ability of metal seal rings without o-ring.

Approch: Test and ensure a static seal before installation. Place two seal rings face to face and secure the bottom seal to a flat surface with grease. Press and rotate it 180º,so as to prevent oil leak between flat surface and seal ring. After adjusting metal seal rings, apply a weight on top of the assembly. Fill two thirds of the interior volume with kerosene. The seal is effective if no kerosene leaks between the seal faces in 10 minutes. Do not use the seal if there is any leak.

Fuyote floating seal quality

Gear Oil / O-ring Compatibility

Aim: Test o-ring compatibility and volatile substances.

Approch: Choose a random sample from each manufacturing batch and follow the procedure:

1. Install the o-ring into an assembly, applying a consistent pressure and temperature. Measure the o-ring parameters.

2. Install the o-ring into an oil bath assembly at 100°C. After 48 hours, test the material’s condition and volatile substances emissions of the o-ring to assess compatibility with the oil.

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Dynamic Sealing Test

Aim: Test the sealing ability of mechanical face seals.

Approch: Install both sides of the mechanical face seal into their housing, fill with oil and install the assembly on a dynamic operation test platform. Operate the assembly for 1,000 continuous hours and ensure there is no oil leak from the assembly. Remaining service life and precise seal wearing level can be determined by removing the assembly and measuring the difference between the original and current seal band length.

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