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Tracked Vehicles Final Drive Seal


Travel final drive floating seal kits, also known as undercarriage part floating seals, are essential components in tracked vehicles like bulldozers and excavators. Excavator floating seals for travel gearbox provide effective sealing and protection for critical components in these rugged and demanding applications. Here's how floating seals are applied in tracked vehicles:


Bulldozers are heavy construction machines used for pushing and moving large quantities of earth, rocks, and debris. Floating seals are commonly used in various components of bulldozers, including:

  • Track Rollers: Floating seals are installed in the track roller assemblies to prevent the entry of dirt, rocks, and debris into the roller bearings. This sealing helps maintain the integrity of the roller components, reducing wear and extending their service life.

  • Final Drives: Floating seals are also used in the final drives of bulldozers, which are critical for transmitting power from the engine to the tracks. These seals prevent the intrusion of contaminants, ensuring the proper functioning of the final drives and minimizing downtime.


Excavators are versatile construction machines used for digging, trenching, and material handling in various construction and mining applications. Floating seals find application in several areas within excavators, including:

  • Track Drive Systems: Floating seals are used in the track drive systems of excavators to protect the components like track rollers, idlers, and sprockets from abrasive materials, preventing premature wear and ensuring smooth track movement.

  • Swing Gearbox: Floating seals are installed in the swing gearbox to seal against contaminants and maintain the lubrication, contributing to the reliability and performance of the excavator's swing function.

  • Travel Gearbox: Similar to the swing gearbox, floating seals are used in the travel gearbox to keep the gears and bearings protected from dust and debris, enhancing the durability of the gearbox.

In tracked vehicles like bulldozers and excavators, floating seals play a critical role in minimizing maintenance, reducing downtime, and extending the service life of essential components. Their ability to provide effective sealing in harsh and abrasive environments makes them indispensable for these heavy-duty applications.


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