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What causes duo cone seals leakage

Abstract: The causes of duo cone seals failure include improper material selection, improper installation methods, not using duo cone seal installation tools, low product quality, mismatch between product design and working conditions, installation gap issues, prolonged product use, harsh working environment, improper machine operation methods, and the entry of impurities and dirt during parts replacement. In this article, we mainly discuss which points to pay attention to when using duo cone seals to reduce the occurrence of oil leakage.


When installing duo cone seals, it is important to pay attention to the selection of the clearance value, which is also a key factor affecting the sealing performance. The selection of the clearance (refer to other articles) may lead to the failure of the duo cone seal if not appropriate. If the pressure during the operation of the equipment exceeds the range that the duo cone seal can withstand, the duo cone seal will be excessively compressed or deformed, leading to premature damage and thus failing to achieve effective sealing.


Additionally, pay attention to whether there are defects in the machine design. In some unreasonably designed mechanical equipment, the duo cone seal may not receive adequate protection and support. For example, a lack of good sealing chamber design or unreasonable duo cone seal installation methods can lead to the failure of the duo cone seal. In such cases, even with the use of high-quality materials, the performance of the duo cone seal cannot be effectively exerted, and issues such as leakage and wear are likely to occur.


The operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment also affect the lifespan of duo cone seals. Long-term high-speed operation, frequent starts and stops, improper lubrication methods, mechanical vibrations, impacts, and improper assembly forces will all accelerate the wear and failure of duo cone seals. Additionally, the lack of regular inspections and maintenance will also lead to the failure of duo cone seals to some extent.


Duo cone seals are intended for single use only. When replacing components surrounding the duo cone seal, any opening of the chamber can expose the seal to external contaminants, leading to potential failure. For instance, dust, sewage, sand particles, and other impurities can infiltrate the sealing chamber, damage the duo cone seal surface, and cause leakage. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid repeated installation and use of the duo cone seal to minimize the risk of damage and sealing failure.

Duo cone seals are precision components. If oil leakage failure occurs, it is recommended to make a comprehensive judgment in combination with the manufacturer's opinion. Generally speaking, oil leakage failure requires multiple situations to be investigated and comprehensively analyzed.

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