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All the products of Fuyote are made by casting. Compared to forging process, casting floating seal can be used under high temperature, high pressure, and high velocity circumstance. Also Fuyote use high chromium molybdenum in metal rings which could keep sealing ability stability. Under magnification, crossed gullies can be observed at Fuyote’s product, which can cause self-circulation of heat and cold of oil sealing. Fuyote offers product diameter from 35mm to 1105mm. The main product is the size larger than 400mm. Each product in Fuyote, has a ID number, which could trace the raw material and processes. Our O-rings also made in house to achieve the best sealing ability. O-ring is a significant part of floating seal. Although metal rings have good quality, without matched o-ring it will be useless. 

Fuyote offers several kinds of material to meet the different working conditions. Until now Fuyote's floating seal is widely used in Australia, USA, Europe, the Middle East. Canada, Brazil, Russia and other countries. And application in mining, tunnel boring machines, off-road, mixers, tracked vehicles, shield machines, agriculture, conveyors and other construction.

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