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Introduction and Precautions of Floating Oil Seal

Most floating oil seal is made of alloy cast iron and is used in conjunction with rubber rings. There are many key points that need to be focused on in the use of floating oil seal, but all of these have very positive effects on subsequent equipment use and operation. Users should pay more attention to the introduction and precautions of floating oil seal.

Introduction to Floating Oil Seal

Floating oil seal is a type of seal that exhibit excellent sealing performance in harsh working environments such as coal dust, sediment, and water vapor. It is a compact mechanical seal mainly used in low-speed heavy-duty applications. They feature advantages such as wear resistance, automatic compensation after end-face wear, reliable operation, and simple structure. The seal is extensively used in coal mining machinery. Examples include the head sprocket assembly of scraper conveyors, the loading mechanism and cantilever section of roadheaders, and the left and right cutting drums and reducers of continuous miners.

Precautions for Floating Oil Seal

Before installing a floating oil seal, inspect the sealing surface for any scars or scratches. If the sealing surface has scars, it can easily damage the floating oil seal or accelerate wear, compromising its sealing performance and leading to oil leakage.

During the installation of floating oil seal, special installation tools must be used. Do not use sharp objects for installation as it may cause the floating oil seal to fail.

During installation, ensure the cleanliness of the floating oil seal and shaft neck areas, and check whether the O-ring of the floating oil seal is twisted or bent.

Floating oil seal is developed in the late 1950s, initially intended to replace rubber oil seal in bulldozer undercarriages. The original rubber oil seal was quickly damaged due to immersion, wear, and corrosion by sediment. The floating oil seal is a compact mechanical sealing device designed for harsh work environments, capable of preventing lubricating oil from leaking while blocking external contaminants such as mud and sand from entering the equipment. It is simple in structure, dirt-resistant, wear-resistant, vibration-resistant, and impact-resistant. It operates reliably, has a long service life, and is easy to maintain. Nowadays, they are widely used in various engineering and mining machinery.

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As an industry leader, seal excellence will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product research and development. The company aims to continuously improve the performance and reliability of floating oil seal, promote the application of new materials and new processes, and strive to achieve breakthroughs in wear resistance, sealing performance, and service life.