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FUYOTE Products
DO Floating Seal
DO Floating Seal
The DO floating seal is composed of two different metal seal rings and two o-rings that provide elastic compression inside housing bores.
DF Floating Seal
DF Floating Seal
Elastic compression is provided within housing bores by two square o-rings and two separate metal seal rings that make up the Heavy Duty Seal, commonly referred to as Square Bore Face Seal or HDDF.
Asymmetric Type Mechanical Face Seal A
Asymmetric Type Mechanical Face Seal A
Asymmetric Type Mechanical Face Seal A is made especially for applications with high mud impact and has inverted seal rings.
Asymmetric Type Mechanical Face Seal B
Asymmetric Type Mechanical Face Seal B
Asymmetric Type Mechanical Face Seal B's cross section and production process offer significant cost savings potential.
Floating Seal Installing Tools
Floating Seal Installing Tools
Seal performance is greatly affected by the installation procedure. For various mechanical face seals, installation tools with diameters up to 1105 mm are available.
Adapter Housing
Adapter Housing
An essential part of the structure, the adapter housing holds the floating seal in place and shields it from impurities while retaining lubrication.
Your Industry
Mining Machinery
The maximum diameter is 1105mm in Fuyote's product, which could be used in mining equipment such as coal winning machine, boom-type road machine and mining trucks.
Construction Machinery
Fuyote offers a variety of floating seals for construction machinery, such as tunnel boring machine, double-wheel trench cutter, articulated dump truck, and gearboxes.
Heavy Tracks
Kinds of products from 300-1105mm are offered in Fuyote to meet the requirement of mining truck’s wet braking systems, underground mining trucks and articulated dump truck.
Tracked Vehicles
Fuyote floating seal used in track roller of excavator undercarriage spare parts, and also used in bulldozer.
Conveyor Systems
Mining scraper chain conveyor are widely used in mining and construction field, Fuyote offers several types of floating seals to support the equipment.
Floating seal which used in twin shaft concrete mixer are available at Fuyote.
Floating seals used in transmission axle (steering drive axle) and final drives part in machinery are offered in Fuyote.
Agricultural Machinery
Fuyote offers various floating seals for combine harvester and gearboxes which used in agricultural machinery.
Floating Seals Manufacturer -Since 1992

Fuyote established in 1992, has been 30 years in china. Focus on floating seals manufacture, rather than others sealing products. In the past two decades, large size floating seals are the main products in fuyote’s production line. Diameter from 300mm to 1105mm are the best-selling products in fuyote. In order to guarantee high quality of the products, Fuyote manufactures all components of mechanical face seals in house, from casting metal rings with high chromium molybdenum to manufacturing elastomer components manufacturing.

30 Years

Focus on floating seals manufacture for over 30 year

Large Size

Supply product diameter from 35mm-1105mm

Mining Use

Over 10 years experience in mining machinery use

Technical Support

Over 10% employee are technical and product designer & OEM service