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Conveyor Systems Mechanical Face Seals


Floating seals, also known as mechanical face seals or duo-cone seals, are important components in conveyor systems, particularly in mining scraper chain conveyors. They serve as effective sealing solutions to protect the conveyor's critical components and ensure smooth and reliable material handling in the challenging mining environment. Here's how floating seals are applied in mining scraper chain conveyors:

Mining Scraper Chain Conveyor

Mining scraper chain conveyors are used in mining operations to transport bulk materials, such as coal, ore, or minerals, from one point to another. Floating seals are typically used in the chain wheel hubs of these conveyors to seal against contaminants and abrasive materials. Here's how they are applied in this context:

  • Chain Wheel Hubs: Floating seals are installed in the wheel hubs of the conveyor's chain wheels. These chain wheels play a crucial role in moving the scraper chain and transporting materials.

The floating seals in the wheel hubs prevent the entry of dust, dirt, water, and abrasive materials into the wheel bearings, ensuring their longevity and smooth operation. By maintaining a proper seal, floating seals contribute to the overall efficiency and reliability of the mining scraper chain conveyor. They help reduce maintenance requirements, minimize downtime, and extend the service life of the conveyor, which is essential for uninterrupted material handling in mining operations.


In mining scraper chain conveyors, floating seals are vital for preventing premature wear and damage to critical components. Their ability to provide effective sealing in harsh and abrasive mining conditions ensures the continuous and efficient movement of bulk materials, contributing to the productivity and profitability of mining operations.