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Asymmetric Type Mechanical Face Seal A

Asymmetric Type Mechanical Face Seal A consists of inverted seal rings and designs that specifically for applications with extreme mud impact.

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Operating Requirements
  • Available metal seal ring sizes: Outer diameter: 207~322.5mm

  • Metal Seal Ring Material: Made by high alloy cast iron

  • O-Ring material defines its temperatures and pressure. Fuyote offers three kinds of materials for o-rings: NBR, HNBR, and Silicone. 

  • Primary Applications: Extreme using conditions.

Two metal sealing rings collaborate to create a sealing surface oriented perpendicular to the axis. O-rings facilitate the transfer of pressure from the housing to these sealing rings, allowing one of the metal sealing rings to rotate along with the housing while the other remains fixed. This results in relative movement between the two mechanical face seals.

The motion between these two face seals generates a crucial oil film on the contact surface, which is vital for effective sealing. As the components rotate, the interacting surfaces establish a contact band with a typical width ranging from 0.008 inches (0.2mm) to 0.02 inches (0.5mm). This contact band serves to retain the oil lubricant and resist the intrusion of foreign materials. Over time, as wear occurs, the contact band may shift inward. However, the elasticity of the O-ring compensates for this displacement, ensuring that the mechanical face seals maintain their precise position and stability.

These seals offer several key advantages, including their resilience against wear and corrosion, resulting in extended service life and maintenance-free operation. They also exhibit exceptional sealing capabilities, effectively guarding against external contaminants like abrasive substances, moisture, chemicals, oil, and grease. Furthermore, these seals possess self-centering properties, aiding in the compensation for shaft eccentricity or misalignment. Additionally, the presence of oil between the seal faces facilitates lubrication and cooling, enabling higher rotational speeds.

The Fuyote design, characterized by the rotation of only one metal seal, results in a seal that is impervious to leaks, requires no maintenance, boasts an impressive lifespan, and can adapt to a range of conditions such as vibrations, misalignment, eccentricity, assembly wear, and more. The following are the advantages of Fuyote products:

Utilizing black seal faces reduces the likelihood of rusting and enhances the grip of O-rings, preventing them from sliding. For customers who prefer white seal faces, Fuyote offers anti-skid stripes to achieve the same outcome.

The presence of cross-hatched grooves on the seal's contact bands ensures sufficient oil flow and effective heat management. This enables the seals to function reliably even in the most challenging industrial environments, effectively addressing issues that traditional rubber oil seals cannot resolve.

Each product undergoes a specialized end grinding process to create surfaces that ensure spherical and angular consistency among items within the same batch. This prevents premature sealing failures resulting from variations in angular characteristics between different products.

Fuyote designs and manufactures O-rings tailored to perfectly complement our products. These O-rings possess a high degree of elasticity, minimizing wear and enhancing the durability of our products.

The incorporation of a spherical cant design streamlines the alignment of the two mating boundary lines. This inherent self-centering feature compensates for shaft eccentricity or misalignment, greatly contributing to the overall efficiency of the seal.

  • When mechanical face seals are exposed to air over an extended period, they can undergo structural changes. It is crucial to remove the seal package before installation. These seals are fragile and prone to breakage, so they must be handled with care and installed in a clean, dust-free environment.

  • We strongly advise using installation tools to ensure the correct placement of O-rings. An improper installation, which might cause O-rings to become twisted, can result in uneven stress and potentially lead to them slipping off the metal ring, ultimately causing premature failure.

  • Mechanical face seals are intricate products, especially the contact band. To prevent any damage, it's essential to avoid the use of sharp tools during assembly, and wearing gloves is advisable.

  • Floating seals should be stored in a cool, dark location because O-rings are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. They should be stored flat and protected from any crushing.

  • Twisting O-rings can create uneven stress, causing them to slide off the metal ring prematurely. This is a critical issue that should be actively prevented.

Floating seals should not be used in conditions where pressure and velocity parameters are unsuitable. Additionally, careful attention should be paid to lubrication practices. Here are the guidelines:

  • It is advisable to operate within a recommended temperature range of -40 to 150 degrees Celsius.

  • Ensure that the working linear speed remains below a circumferential speed of up to 10 meters per second.

  • Typically, floating seals can withstand a maximum pressure of 0.3 megapascals (MPa).

  • Proper lubrication of the seal at the sealing gaps is critical, and it is preferable to use oil lubrication instead of grease lubrication.

  • Maintain the oil level between the midpoint of the axis and two-thirds of the inside diameter of the seal. We recommend utilizing SAE 80 and SAE 90 gearbox oils for lubrication purposes.

Asymmetric Type Mechanical Face Seal A

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