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Why use spherical design on the Fuyote’s duo cone seal?

When purchasing duo cone seals, the end face of the duo cone seal may play a decisive role in the service life of the machine. Choosing duo cone seal with spherical surface can extend its service life.


The manufacturing process of duo cone seal end faces is generally categorized into flat end face sealing and spherical end face sealing. When two spherical end face duo cone seal rings are paired and assembled, their tightness surpasses that of flat end face seal rings.

The principle underlying this concept is that when one spherical surface intersects with another, their intersection forms a closed circle. Consequently, when the spherical sealing surface of the duo cone seal’s end face is assembled into a friction pair (refer to the previous article for “friction pair”), it ultimately forms a closed circle. In the presence of slight fluctuations in external environmental pressure, the contact between the friction pairs can be considered a small annular surface, initially occurring on the outer edge. Therefore, compared to flat end face duo cone seals, the spherical end face duo cone seals results in less leakage. Thus, when selecting the duo cone seal, spherical surface duo cone seal is a better choice .


The duo cone seal with spherical end faces adapts better to environmental changes and offers superior sealing performance. When two spherical end face duo cone seals are paired together, they form a very thin hollow spherical segment in the sealing gap between the two seal rings. Upon injecting lubricating oil, a thin wedge-shaped lubricating oil film develops between the friction pairs. These structural characteristics provide the duo cone seal with exceptional sealing performance, lubrication efficiency, and extended service life.

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