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What is the size of floating seals from floating seal manufacturers?

The Fuyote brand offers a comprehensive range of floating seals, with product dimensions that span from 35 millimeters to 1105 millimeters, engineered to meet the sealing needs of diverse mechanical apparatuses. The fuyote’s duo cone seals are available in diameters ranging from 35 millimeters to 1105 millimeters, ensuring compatibility with various equipment sizes. Furthermore, the fuyote’s metal face seals are provided in diameters from 59 millimeters to 800 millimeters, adeptly addressing the sealing challenges encountered across a spectrum of operational conditions.



The dimensions and material selection for floating seals vary greatly under different working conditions. For instance, in the mining machinery industry where heavy-duty equipment is common, there are specific requirements for the material and size of floating seals to withstand harsh working environments and the immense mechanical stress. In such cases, alloy cast iron materials with superior wear resistance and impact strength are usually chosen to ensure sealing effectiveness and longevity. Conversely, in agricultural machinery, due to the relatively mild working conditions, the floating seals design and materials are selected with cost-efficiency as a primary consideration.



During the installation process, a floating seal installation tool is required to assist in the fitting of the duo cone seals, ensuring a precise match between the o ring and the metal seal ring. Moreover, post-installation inspection is equally critical, tests of the floating seal's sealing capabilities and temperature resistance among other attributes, to guarantee optimal sealing performance under varying operational conditions. In addition, routine inspections and maintenance of the floating seal are imperative to extend its service life.

Fuyote established in 1992, has been 30 years in china. Focus on floating seals design and manufacture. In the past two decades, large size floating seals are the main products in fuyote’s production line. Diameter from 300mm to 1105mm are the best-selling products in fuyote. In order to guarantee high quality of the products, Fuyote manufactures all components of mechanical face seals in house, from casting metal rings with high chromium molybdenum to manufacturing elastomer components manufacturing.