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How do you measure a floating seal?

Floating seals should have the dimensions of both the metal seal ring and the rubber ring measured separately. Typically, for the metal seal ring, there are three critical dimensions to be gauged: the outer diameter (OD), the inner diameter (ID), and the height (H). Therefore, precise measurements of the metal seal ring's OD, ID, and H are essential for ensuring the proper functioning of floating seals.



Additionally, accurate dimensions of the rubber ring also play a crucial role in maintaining the floating seal's integrity under varying operating conditions. When measuring an O-ring, it is essential to ascertain two critical dimensions: the O-ring's internal diameter (ID) and its cross-sectional diameter. This procedure is equally applicable for metal face seals’  rubber rings, where these two measurements are pivotal.





By meticulously examining and verifying these key dimensions for both the metal seal rings and rubber components, engineers can optimize the performance and longevity of floating seals in demanding applications.


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