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What causes duo cone seals leakage?(The first part)

Abstract:Inappropriate material selection for duo cone seals, improper installation methods, not using duo cone seal installation tool, substandard product quality, mismatch between product design and operating conditions, issues with installation clearance, prolonged usage time, harsh working environments, improper operation of machinery, and contamination with impurities during parts replacement are all failure causes for duo cone seals. In this article, we will discuss what to look out for when purchasing duo cone seals in order to reduce the incidence of oil leaks.


One primary cause of duo cone seal failure is the selection of inappropriate materials during the procurement phase. This misstep can hasten the seals’ failure when exposed to harsh environments. The lifespan and operating conditions vary for products made of different materials, hence the choice of material and substance should be based on the actual operating conditions. Usage time should be kept within the range provided by the manufacturer, as exceeding the recommended duration is also a common cause of duo cone seal failure.


The o-rings in duo cone seals, typically fabricated from various rubber compounds, exhibit divergent aging durations contingent upon the material properties. Nonetheless, with the passage of time, all rubber compounds will inexorably deteriorate, their elasticity diminishing, culminating in the eventual failure of the duo cone seal.


Additionally, if the duo cone seal is exposed to environments with high temperature, high pressure, or chemical corrosion, the aging process of the duo cone seal materials can accelerate. The seal's rubber ring may lose elasticity, become brittle, and is prone to cracking. As for the seal ring, with the increase in usage time, it will be affected by wear and fatigue, which diminishes its performance and sealing capability. This is especially true in high-speed rotating equipment, where friction and wear may be more severe, thereby hastening the aging process of the duo cone seal.


Additionally, the manufacturing process and material quality of duo cone seals are also potential reasons for their failure. When a low quality duo cone seal encounters unsuitable operational conditions, it may develop cracks or break during use, losing its sealing function. If the duo cone seal itself is of high quality and superior workmanship, then its adaptability will be comparatively strong. It will possess a robust capability to withstand various operational conditions and a wide range of adaptability, thus reducing the risk of oil leakage. The manufacturing process and material quality of a duo cone seal can be assessed by referring to other comprehensive articles for judgment.


During the installation process, neglecting the importance of duo cone seal installation tools and failing to use them can lead to the failure of the duo cone seal. Incorrect installation or improper tightening of the duo cone seal may also cause abnormal wear and leakage. When installing the duo cone seal, it is essential to ensure that it is correctly and securely fitted to the equipment, avoiding any gaps or looseness. Furthermore, during installation, it is important to prevent unnecessary damage to the duo cone seal and to avoid using improper lubricants or not replacing the lubricant in a timely manner, which could result in increased wear and reduced lifespan of the duo cone seal.


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