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Fuyote (floating seal manufacture) attended the 18th Ordos International Coal and Energy Industry Expo


Fuyote participated in the 18th Ordos International Coal and Energy Industry Expo. Fuyote focus on the field of floating seals since 1992. At the expo, they exhibited two duo cone seals with diameters of 1105mm and 886mm, alongside a heavy-duty seal of 580mm diameter, all engineered for large-scale coal mining machinery.


The exhibitors demonstrated a keen interest in our high-performance sealing products. Fuyote enforces stringent quality control measures; the metal sealing rings undergo a heat treatment process and consist of cast materials, while the O-rings are manufactured in house, ensuring a comprehensive and stable sealing system.


In recent years, Fuyote has dedicated efforts to the continuous refinement and development of floating seal performance to endure the rigorous conditions of coal mining. The floating seals, manufactured through specialized techniques, offer self-adjusting capabilities, wear resistance, and extended service life. These features not only substantially improve the safety and reliability of coal mining machinery but also minimize operational costs for coal enterprises.


Throughout the expo, Fuyote established preliminary collaboration agreements with several coal mining machinery companies, committing to provide tailored sealing technology services. Following the successful closure of the 18th Ordos Coal Expo, Fuyote will persist in escalating its research and development endeavors, persistently unveiling new products and technologies that align with mining market needs, thereby advancing the coal mining machinery sector.


Fuyote established in 1992, has been 30 years in china. Focus on floating seals design and manufacture. In the past two decades, large size floating seals are the main products in fuyote’s production line. Diameter from 300mm to 1105mm are the best-selling products in fuyote. In order to guarantee high quality of the products, Fuyote manufactures all components of mechanical face seals in house, from casting metal rings with high chromium molybdenum to manufacturing elastomer components manufacturing.




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