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The essential of Using Floating Seal Installation Tool

To prevent oil leakage issues, it is crucial to utilize a floating seal installation tool for the proper installation of floating seals, which are essential for ensuring the smooth operation of mechanical equipment. The correct duo cone seal tools not only improve the accuracy of floating seal installation, preventing damages from improper handling, but also effectively mitigate the risk of oil leakage. Therefore, the selection of the appropriate duo cone seal installation tool not only enhances maintenance efficiency but also contributes to prolonging the lifespan of mechanical equipment, ensuring its stability and reliability.



Improper installation of floating seals may result in oil leakage during operation. Comparatively, heavy-duty seals are easier to install, while the installation of duo cone seals may require more than just manpower. In many cases, oil leakage in newly installed floating seals is often due to incorrect installation methods.


Since the o-ring and its installation groove are designed with an interference fit, the o-ring can easily be distorted or damaged during installation without the use of special tools, leading to oil leakage. Some users attempt to forcefully install the floating seal using sharp metal instruments such as screwdrivers or tapered tools, which is strictly prohibited as it may cause scratches on the sealing surface of the floating seal.


The correct method is to utilize a non-metallic floating seal installation tool (duo cone seal installation tool) to prevent any potential damage to the floating seal. It is important to note that duo cone seal installation tools are specifically designed for certain floating seal specifications and cannot be interchanged with other sizes. Therefore, it is essential to consult the manufacturer when selecting the appropriate floating seal installation tool to ensure precise installation and the integrity of the floating seal. By taking these precautions and following proper procedures, the risk of floating seal issues during operation can be significantly reduced, ultimately ensuring the long-term reliability of mechanical equipment.