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Formation and Maintenance of a Floating Seal’s Oil Film

Abstract: The operational efficacy of a floating seal is critically contingent upon the uniformity and integrity of its oil film. Insufficient or irregular oil film formation precipitates the seal’s failure, engendering leakage and concomitant damage to adjoining components and machinery. Consequently, the meticulous selection and installation of the floating seal are paramount, alongside vigilant management and regulation of its oil film to ensure optimal performance and longevity.



The proper mounting of the floating seal is critical for its optimal functioning. Incorrect installation may result in the formation of an uneven oil film which, in turn, compromises the efficacy of the sealing mechanism. By ensuring that the seal is installed correctly, most issues associated with oil film irregularities can be effectively addressed.


When selecting a floating seal, it is imperative to choose materials and dimensions that conform to the relevant standards. Unsuitable materials or imprecise measurements can result in an irregular oil film on the floating seal. During operation, the accumulation of sediment or contaminants may obstruct the lubrication system, impeding oil film formation. Therefore, regular maintenance and inspection of the lubrication system are crucial. Moreover, the lubricating oil’s excessive temperature and the lubrication system’s overload pressure can compromise the oil film integrity. Adjusting the lubricating oil temperature and lubrication system pressure appropriately can enhance the oil film’s stability on the floating seal.


Regular maintenance and servicing are essential to ensure the optimal performance of floating seals. Routine inspections to assess wear levels, coupled with timely replacement of any damaged components, are imperative. Such measures extend the service life of the parts and guarantee the uninterrupted functionality of the lubricating oil film.